Visionary Solutions Duet 2 Encoder & Decoder

POE, 4K UHD over IP cinema quality ultra-low latency visually lossless switch matrix routable encoder and decoder with Dante™/AES67 audio & USB-C Connectivity

(2nd Generation Duet Encoder & Decoder)

PacketAV® Duet has been nothing short of a paradigm shift for networked AV.  True convergence; a single platform to support Dante™/AES67 and Video over IP.  Building on their success and wide adoption, the next generation of PacketAV® Duet endpoints continue to provide powerful 4K UHD Video and Dante™/AES67 Audio – now over a single Gigabit Ethernet port, with USB-C connectivity and other enhanced features.

Visionary’s PoE 4K UHD over IP cinema quality, ultra-low latency [~1 frame – visually lossless], encoders and decoders bypass the constraints of traditional switch matrix distribution systems by continuing to harness the flexibility and scalability of converged IP networks.

With the growing demand for 4K UHD video, professional AV designers and IT directors – in an increasingly converged AV/IT environment – have been using Visionary’s products as an alternative to conventional distribution systems.

Visionary’s PackeTV® and PacketAV® products can be deployed on any industry standard IP network.  They can be used on existing enterprise IP networks or a physically separate parallel network [private network] to offload traffic, using the same network protocols, methods, and devices but without intermingling of video traffic with data or voice; with equal ease of installation.


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