Shure ULXS24SM58 Wireless Microphone (748-784MHz)


Remarks: come with ULXS4-Q2 Receiver + ULXS2_SM58 Handheld Microphone + Flightcase (3 in 1 package)

Stock: 1 set (3 in 1)

FOB: Beijing, China

Shure: Microphones, Wireless Microphones, Earphones, Headphones, In Ear Monitoring, Conferencing Microphone System

Product Information:

Excellent for those who want to bring warmth and clarity to their recordings, this Shure microphone is sensitive and road tested. This Shure microphone is well-suited for live performances and recording, allowing you to get the most out of it for concerts and studio dates. This dynamic microphone features a directionality, therefore you can pick up sound sources right in front of the mic while ignoring undesired noise from the rear. The Shure ULXS24/SM58 is lightweight, so you can easily tote it in your gig bag to recording sessions or live performances. With an effective output level of -54.5 dBm, this Shure microphone is highly sensitive, so you can pick up a wide variety of sounds from the subtle to the loud. You can accurately record shimmering treble frequencies and deep lows since this dynamic microphone features an expanded 50 Hz to 15 kHz frequency response. What’s more, the Shure ULXS24/SM58 is wireless, which means you are able to reap the benefits of unburdened movement.


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