Barco HDX-W14, 14,000 lumens WUXGA 3-Chip DLP Projector


Re: come with Frame, Standard Lens, lamp house, power cable & flightcase
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With the HDX series, Barco brings its expertise in 3D projection to events. The
HDX-W14 combines active 3D and both wired and wireless control options in one
unit. The success of the FLM event projectors have added considerably to the
design of the HDX projector, while it also shares image processing and AthenaTM
scaling technology with Barco’s benchmark image processing hardware. Its
sturdy, compact design allows the HDX-W14 to be ready for the road in no time,
while its 14,000 lumens light output and 3-chip DLP color quality ensure crisp,
vivid imagery on any screen.
Quick preview and wireless control
The HDX’s built-in color LCD screen provides you with all the information you need on your
projector’s status, and allows you to preview your connected sources. The projector has a native 3G
HDSDI/SDI input, which makes it compatible with progressive sources over a single BNC cable. In
addition, it offers quick and wireless control via smart phones and tablet computers.
Simple setup and maintenance
Barco designed the HDX-W14 with efficiency and quick setup in mind. Its features just five building
blocks that can be removed and replaced quickly, so that time spent servicing the projector is kept to
a bare minimum. In addition, it can easily be boxed, shipped and fits into standard flight cases.
Fast signal distribution
Our proprietary BarcoLink technology guarantees swift signal distribution between Barco’s projectors
and image processors. With BarcoLink, signals are distributed over a BNC coax cable, which is not only
more durable but also enables you to lower your costs.
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